Không gian mở trong thiết kế nội thất hiện đại

Nhà phố thường có không gian hẹp, xung quanh là các nhà mấy tầng với một ngõ hẻm nhỏ vào nhà. Do đó vấn đề lấy ánh sáng tự nhiên cho ngôi nhà là một vấn đề quan trọng khi thiết kế nội thất.

Phòng khách ngập tràn ánh sáng

Một không gian phòng khách tràn ngập ánh sáng mà vẫn tạo được sự đồng bộ, tiện nghi mà vẫn giản dị, gần gũi.

Việc sử dụng các vách kính lớn làm cửa ra vào phòng khách cũng giúp hứng được toàn bộ ánh sáng cho không gian giao tiếp của cả gia đình.

Liên thông giữa phòng khách và phòng ăn

Phòng khách và phòng ăn được ngăn bằng một vách ngăn thoáng mang tính chất ước lệ.

Khi nấu nướng hoặc khi cả nhà quây quần bên bàn ăn vẫn có thể bao quát được không gian bên ngoài nhà hoặc khi có khách tới chơi nhà.

Tại góc của phòng ăn, các bức tường gạch được thay bằng kính trong suốt đủ cao cho mục đích mở rộng tầm nhìn liên kết không gian trong và ngoài.

Phòng ngủ ấm cúng và lãng mạn

Phòng ngủ của bố mẹ được thiết kế đơn giản, không quá cầu kỳ.

Cửa sổ sử dụng hệ thống vách kính lớn để có thể nhìn ngắm được không gian phía trước nhà, giúp căn phòng thêm thông thoáng, sáng sủa.




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  1. fynnvan Nói:

    In addition, it offers an additional possibility to rename the file based on the file metadata.
    At the simplest level, simply select Cyrillic (.epub,.zip,.rar,.mp3) or Japanese (.epub,.zip,.rar) input files and the software does the rest. Convenient buttons make easy work with regular files on the fly, in batch mode.
    The software will help you not only update the files metadata, but also will rename them

    6add127376 fynnvan

  2. mccjeza Nói:

    At $39.95, it is also a fair amount of money, but you are getting what you pay for in this instance.
    It provides basic passwords, which are not too strong, but it also has the ability to create complex passwords for higher security.
    Lock Folder is a nice app that can protect your folders from prying eyes.

    For Lock Folder Screenshots, please check the “Download Screenshots” link on the above page.

    If you find any error or

    6add127376 mccjeza

  3. acacelli Nói:

    Are Free
    For more information, visit our site.
    For an introduction to “XE-Filter” click here.
    For a list of FAQS, click here.

    MUDMail is an easy to use free email client for Linux, Unix, Win32 and DOS based O/S’s. With MUDMail you can send and receive emails directly from the command line. The email format is robust, and text attachments are fully supported. More…


    6add127376 acacelli

  4. lauala Nói:

    If you’re proficient with a computer, you should not have a problem using the app right away.

    Z3Kit Free, the longtime leader in eBook discovery, is proud to announce the Free Music Search and Discovery service.
    Z3Kit Free is a freemium service for music lovers to discover the most popular and sought-after musical genres, bands, and songs of the day.
    With the Free service, users can:
    – Browse through the top charts by genre, country

    6add127376 lauala

  5. yamaamau Nói:

    It’s a great tool to have around, and it can be of a big help when setting up a networking session with multiple PCs or before starting a LANB with your friends. Either way, you must have.NET Framework version 3.5 or higher installed on your system if you want to use this utility. Remember to add its executable to your system Path environment variable.
    The application was well-received by our testers, who were positive about its execution speed and features.


    6add127376 yamaamau

  6. heirupe Nói:

    Bookbind also makes it easy to add support for other book formats, not just using postscript, thereby making the most of whatever the printing system is capable of.
    The multitude of a number of functions available makes a really flexible tool.
    Bookbind can perform
    * Printing
    * Adding text pages to a PDF
    * Masking
    * Balancing
    * Redaction
    * Comparison
    Bookbind can be used to
    * Print directly on screen or even PDF
    * Upload images

    6add127376 heirupe

  7. nasydara Nói:

    Any feedback or case of improvement are welcome.
    To get started, the three words you need are “substring”, “strstr” and “string_replace”. Those are the functions required to use SubString.
    To locate a word inside another, you should call “strstr” function which returns the address of the first occurrence of the specified string. Besides, you can also call “string_replace” which

    6add127376 nasydara

  8. charah Nói:

    1) Description

    Hardware Sensors Monitor is a comprehensive system monitor that displays the temperatures of your hardware components in details. It also displays a battery status, the number of running processes and RSSI value. Tracking the temperature of your CPU is just one of the features this program does. By simply installing it in your system, you can find out if some of the hardware components in your notebook are running normally or not.
    If you add into the system the Intel Integrated Cooling Card

    6add127376 charah

  9. jazmotav Nói:

    Work smart, not hard
    NewTek ChronoSculpt supports 2D editing and animation, enabling you to work interactively with any of the objects from the simulated hierarchy, including the cache data.
    Its time sculpting features are intuitive to use, with no need to learn advanced tools. Simply select faces or objects, and hit the undo button.
    NewTek ChronoSculpt is free for basic users, and is included in the standard NewTek LightWave 8, LightWave 9 and LightWave 10 retail packages as well as the LightWave Vault subscription service.
    All NewTek LightWave and Light

    6add127376 jazmotav

  10. deroyeir Nói:


    Plan evil! Become the most vicious dogs in the Universe! Protect your species from more than 20 opponents in 6 different game modes, including the first 3-player cooperative map! Run from island jungles to asteroid fields, from the alien architecture of the rich and powerful Megaplex to the barren plains of the alien’s home planet, the arid deserts of the cruel and merciless Xelim, or the fantastical fantasy world of the Egyptian

    6add127376 deroyeir

  11. harwai Nói:

    Xkcd really deserves a place in our collection for gifers!
    The bmp2_iphone is a lightweight application designed to generate Apple-compatible BMP images from a bunch of existing PNG files. Its interface is extremely easy to use, and the target BMP file doesn’t have to be the same size as your source PNG.
    We all know how to take a picture with a digital camera, but nowadays there are numerous other ways to capture 2D content. The image transparency or opacity can be modified, so the background will be white. The best quality can be obtained by clicking “Save as

    6add127376 harwai

  12. ysybador Nói:

    Moreover, the project has received both friendly and helpful support from the developer, although it is not mandatory. It may be assumed that you will get along fine with the application, so it is worth a try.

    Filestation 15Mb DVD backup software is part of the Filestation family, a family of portable, easy to use applications that can be used to catalog all of your digital content. The Filestation 12Mb DVD backup software offers users a simple and elegant way to backup all

    6add127376 ysybador

  13. elliharb Nói:

    With CP Services Group, you can:

    Create Groups
    Manage services in groups
    Modify the items in a group (Services, Categories, Computer, Users, and Windows Components)
    Stop any given service
    Disable services
    Detail about the services
    Manage accounts for that group
    Restart services
    Plus much more….

    Main Features:

    Manage and view detailed information about services and services in groups and use of their resources.
    Stop services from running

    6add127376 elliharb

  14. vaswal Nói:

    You can download and try iTunes Sleep Timer for free.


    iTunes Sleep Timer provides compatibility with the following version of iTunes:

    How to use iTunes Sleep Timer

    1. Click on the iTunes Sleep Timer icon that can be found on the Apple menu on the top left corner of the iTunes interface and it’s displayed on the screen.

    2. Select a preferred time interval on the Time

    6add127376 vaswal

  15. coufall Nói:

    System RequirementsHide Windows Plus is available for Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10 (x64) for both 32 and 64-bit.

    The guys at [ForCert] are back with a larger part-X4-part-H3 of their [pronounced “no”] series of USB firmwares for the Hackintosh and their building blocks. In this case, H3 is the H3-Sprite2 and part-X4 is the X4

    6add127376 coufall

  16. karyul Nói:

    It offers a large screen for data view when the file has a larger size
    Many customizable options to visualize and edit hex values
    You can set it up to launch on a particular folder
    It doesn’t modify the actual file
    Not as light as other hex editors

    Easier to use than most alternatives; GUI may need some tweaking

    It lacks information about the structure of the file
    It does not allow to import images from the computer’s file system 05e1106874 karyul

  17. xanell Nói:

    Moreover, the application works fine with browsers that do not support web standards, as it was the case of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

    OS: Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit

    PRODUCT: Pegasus Mail

    Version: 3.0.11

    Rating: 4.1/5


    the application was a little bit difficult to handle. in my opinion the one who made this software should concentrate in the e-mail tools more and get the rest of 05e1106874 xanell

  18. javtere Nói:

    Verify IP address.
    Perform Virustotal Anti-Virus scan test on the program executable to make sure
    that all threats are detected as it is recommended to start the analysis from a clean machine.Migration Rule of Human Being

    There is an ancient saying which says two cannot live together. For China, in the 1970s, there has no ancient saying, but there is still an old tradition: “people are flying distance”, which means 8cee70152a javtere

  19. Pingback: Rar Puppies For Sale Water Free Windows Professional Patch Activation – Born To Be Wild

  20. verpeit Nói:

    It can work in two modes, depending on the network speed and bandwidth that is available:

    Bulk mode: If a large number of files are to be uploaded/downloaded, this mode of operation is preferred.
    Stream mode: If network bandwidth is limited or you have local storage on which to cache the uploaded/downloaded files, this mode is preferred.

    pysmb is still under development and the features it may implement in the future are not yet known. The feature set currently implemented in the module file includes:

    MS-RPC SMB/CIFS interface to
    99d5d0dfd0 verpeit

  21. gemavan Nói:

    simple and intuitive integration inside
    failed to decode messages for you.The dreams that were left concealed in the cotton have finally been fulfilled. On the cool morning of August 20th, American rapper Remy Ma opened up to XXL about dropping the track “Grape the Side,” which she created with DJ Drama.

    “It’s a song I wrote in High School,” Remy confessed, laughing.
    66cf4387b8 gemavan

  22. malnely Nói:

    Having it in any system tray will allow you to open files with ease.

    Unlocker (universal)
    This script is meant to scrap user names from file names and replace them with randoms. We could not find any proper file names for users so did the best we could.
    Currently we scrap users from “ObtainErr.php” and “subscribers.txt”. Both are included with your
    66cf4387b8 malnely

  23. hedche Nói:

    ■ Your webcam folder
    ■ Cams to browse
    How to use:
    When you open the Widget, you can browse and see more than 100 cams from Catalunya, Illes Balears and Pa�s Valenci�in just one page.
    You can create a slideshow of all the cams you like in different folders, get the feed from your webcam, or use your webcam as a webcam server.
    You can also receive the events in your inbox.
    MOST IMPORTANT: You can share the cams with your friends through social networks.
    Technical specifications:
    66cf4387b8 hedche

  24. balgero Nói:

    LabWindows-Simulink is a complete simulation and design software bundle that includes dynamic systems analysis, database, modeling, and design. The integrated integrated environment simulates integrated circuits and software applications. Equally, it helps the user to understand its behavior as well as perform analyses, experiments and experiments with subprograms.
    Rather than being exposed to many complex modeling environments, you will have something much easier to handle. It’s important to note that virtually anything related to digital modeling and simulation is
    66cf4387b8 balgero

  25. fertniss Nói:

    CPU Graph

    Nice widget, it shows me my CPU utilization.



    Dec 14, 2011

    CPU Graph is a gadget developed for the Yahoo! Widget Engine, that shows on your desktop the current CPU level and processor temperature, according to the data it gathers from SpeedFan. It includes a few configurable parameters. The interface is made from a small frame that shows the temperature in Celsius and CPU level in percent, along with a graphical representation
    ec5d62056f fertniss

  26. babichay Nói:

    Maczet DVD Ripper is a program that can be used to create your own DVD with video files and songs from your digital media.
    The program software is easy to use and easy to understand.
    As a result of, a useful video movie maker, you will have many different options available to customize the DVD you are creating.
    It can be expanded and customized to any extent, to the point that users can even make their own discs.
    Bottom Line
    ec5d62056f babichay

  27. latyvin Nói:

    DBA Assist for Oracle is your time-consuming resource optimization assistant that helps you locate the source of a performance issue. Use the built-in reporting engine to get an instant overview of database performance issues. There are no time-consuming wizards or complex switches to learn. Just run reports based on user stories.

    · Gain the perfect overview of performance issues by running reports that represent actual user stories · Select the performance information from any users’ perspective, such as average response time by day
    ec5d62056f latyvin

  28. garelka Nói:

    If you are one of the millions of users that have to undergo data recovery operations for no apparent reason then here is news for you because you are not alone. This is especially painful for anyone because if you do not recover the lost files then their meaning is lost forever.
    Homeowners and professionals alike have had to go through this before and know that moments such as this occur when you least expect it. A hard drive may get corrupted by bugs or malware but most of the time there is
    ec5d62056f garelka

  29. bibilb Nói:

    Otherwise, it’s possible to use the options to define what to recover and how to retrieve that data.

    Key Features

    [+]…view more


    Read and undelete and damaged MDF files

    Best Recovery Results

    Fast Data Recovery

    Databace MDFVIEW is used to restore lost, damaged or deleted data from all MDF files to any other format. It has flexible and convenient interface. The software supports all types of
    ec5d62056f bibilb

  30. honomary Nói:

    HolyCow!! did u miss it
    and here
    Arcee News, Shakur News, 9 Jets 9 Bears 23 Jets 13 Lions 24 D. Rob 64.5000 6.5000 5130 Folks Good Day News, 2 Assassins, Michael Andrews Burnham and The Late Show, New Breakfast Shows, Pacific Coast Walkabout News, People Fair from Chicago, Jesus and Eagles, Anthonys Last Words, The Apocalypse, Talkin books all touching on The Old Man at the End
    ec5d62056f honomary

  31. olabur Nói:

    All you need for your GPG keys are pre-installed.
    To install the application, select OpenPGPCard Driver from your list of choices and the application will be installed automatically.
    Once the installation is complete, you can access the OpenPGPCard Manager from the program menu. OpenPGPCard Manager lets you manage your GPG keys and OpenPGP cards, by associating a GPG key with the OpenPGP card, which in turn will be associated with the
    ec5d62056f olabur

  32. tomimakb Nói:

    Customizing this class is possible using the designer or code.
    * Procedural programming
    * Properties
    * Binding controls
    * Reporting
    * Events
    * Function
    * Loop
    * Member classes

    GWT Group Controls for C# – Template Item Embedding is a very interesting utility designed to enrich C# projects with a template vocabulary. Often, a new set of controls is required in order to add a new tab or a new sub-tab to a DevExpress ASP.
    ec5d62056f tomimakb

  33. chermah Nói:

    This web control panel software serves to be the very intelligent software to manage multiple domains such as blogs, websites and etc.
    Manage multiple domains with WPVM
    WPVM is a web control panel that serves to be your location to make changes that could be various. Its means that it can be used to manage multiple domains such as blogs, websites, forums and etc.
    Professional and welcoming interface
    This web control panel software is fairly efficient with a lovely and smooth-faced user interface
    ec5d62056f chermah

  34. mariwre Nói:

    The installation process is easy, secure and easy to use.
    Audioro iPhone 4S Converter requires firmware iPhone 4S for it to work as it is designed to convert audio streams to iPhone 4S file format. Any other firmware version simply won’t function. Audioro iPhone 4S Converter requires software version for it to work.
    Audioro iPhone 4S Conver
    ec5d62056f mariwre

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